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Mediation File Merging

Mediated output files of all downstream for NE’s need to be merged and handling of Audit information accordingly. This will reduce the load on downstream applications and also will help in better Operation management.

Approach and Methodology Used

File Merging will be done based on the Parameter i.e. when the Parameter is set to Y merging will be done.

-  CDR level validation will be done for the file merging

-  Merged output file should contain a single header and trailer.

-  Output file naming convention need to be defined at the time of designing.

-  Control file has to be generated for each merged output file and transferred to target path with the information as mentioned below and it should be configurable.

File merging will be done as an intermediate script (node) between encoder and distributor.Existing audit report will be modified and additional fields would be added to identify the original files.



Base Management System (BMS)

DTH business requires an application to enhance the process around the retention of grace customer and STB recovery by providing automation to its distribution network.  The number of attempts with details will be tracked in the application. This will also include sending mails/SMS from the application.

Currently, the distribution network has access to the CRM system, retention process suffers from a lack of ageing maintenance and significant manual intervention in allocation and customer follow-up.

An important element is to convert the customer into a paying customer after Free Period Preview (FPP). Hence ‘retaining’ an acquired customer becomes very important. Another important element of this strategy is ability to recover the STB if the customer doesn’t continue to use the DTH services.

The application aims to cover the following business scope and objectives:

-  Better controllership on distributors and agencies for accountability

1)  Automated Allocation

2)  Automated Workflows

3)  MIS Reports for performance & resolutions of distributor

4)  Access based on user’s role in the business

–  Automation support to distributors and agencies for increased productivity

1)  Comprehensive information

2)  File upload facility for allocation & follow-up upload

3)  Automated reminders [0-30, 31-60, 61-90 suspension bucket]

-  Process Tracking

1)  STB Recovery



Telemedia Migration Solution

-  Migrate product configuration from Arbor to FX

-  Migrate the customer data from Arbor to FX

-  Creation of the account hierarchies.

-  Creation of the charge rules (both account level and subscriber level).As of now no charge redirection is supported in AES FX.

-  Creation of the account external ids on the basis of the 17 parameters as is the structure in the AES.

-  The bill cycle and bill periods have to configure to suit the requirement of the business.

-  The usage configuration is to be done for the new usage type which would be moved into the system.

-  The BIF file and the reports needs to be analyzed for any such changes to be made to meet the business requirement

Approach and Methodology Used:

This section describes the strategies used by Sampark Softwares when performing an upgrade. In selecting the most appropriate Kenan Upgrade strategy, there are several variables that must be taken into consideration. These include the size of the database, degree of risk the client is willing to take, amount of acceptable system down time, as well as aspects of customer care.

 The strategies can be broadly categorized as follows:

-  Full Database Upgrade – upgrade all product and customer information in one step. This is applicable only for database size less than 100 GB. This is the recommended approach for migrating Airtel telemedia Products to Kenan FX 1.2.

-  Phased Data Upgrade – convert information based on the type of data, such as historical data first and then the active data just before cutover.

-  Incremental Data Load – migrate configuration and active customer data, while upgrading historical information in small data sets

-  Hybrid of Phased Data and Incremental Data Load – this approach uses the principles involved with a Phased Data Upgrade while upgrading the historical tables in incremental.

Full Database Upgrade

This upgrade entails creating a new database matching the target version to be upgraded to, and extracting out all the data from the source database and importing the data into the target database in one pass. The migration of the data in this method is reasonably straightforward depending on the size of source database.

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