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  • Developer Engagement – an API portal to publish and document APIs and engage developers.
  • API Gateway – a high-performance, secure API Gateway that combines the mediation, orchestration, and connectivity capabilities of a lightweight ESB with the performance and security of a traditional proxy style Gateway.
  • Lifecycle Management – enables enterprises to effectively collaborate between business, developers and IT operations, resulting in rapid development and deployment cycles while increasing reliability, stability and availability of their APIs and supporting assets.
  • Analytics – a flexible analytics platform that provides dashboards for business analytics, service level analytics and operational analytics.


Key Products
IOT Mobility Management Lead To Cash Mobile Applications Analytics
Application design
Security Application development
data analytics
Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)
Field force management
Device management
Mobile Security
Telecom Expense management
Lead Management
Order Management
Product catalog
Selfcare Service
Channel partner management
Retailer management
- Native android , iOS

- Hybrid Applications

- Google enabled APIs

- Data Mining

- Descriptive Analytics

- Predictive Analytics

- Prescriptive Analytics

- Cognitive Analytics

- Market Analytics

Cloud enabled SaaS solution with H/W and S/W Licenses

One of the core tenets of microservices is that Developers are responsible for deploying and operating their own code. In this environment, it is even more critical than ever to provide effective control and auditing over the complete SDLC including the deployment blueprint.

  • Manage the development lifecycle and assets, including the application topology and deployment blueprints
  • Maintain an audited approval process to control changes to key assets

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